The Global Digital Development Summit 2020 event is postponed

The Global Digital Development Summit brings together iNGOs, international agencies, governments, and the private sector to engage in 3 days of learning, collaboration, and showcasing the latest trends. 

Join executives, NGO management, policy makers, government representatives and digital health technologists to discuss real life case studies, explore emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and gain an understanding of the policy landscape across countries and donors.

Learn how organizations can work together to solve challenges in the international humanitarian and development sector through technology-enabled solutions. 

A Community-Centric Event

We live in the digital age and new technologies, if used correctly and effectively in the global health arena, can ultimately save lives. More timely, accurate and reliable data can lead to better analysis and decision making. Countless innovative health-related apps have been developed, which provide endless opportunities for capturing data. Many health and humanitarian organizations are using technology-enabled solutions to solve challenges in the international humanitarian and development sector. The advent of emerging technologies such as machines learning and artificial intelligence are making a difference in the global health sector.

As we can see, there is no shortage of supply when it comes to emerging technologies; and so it becomes key to identify the right technology for any given situation, one which meets the needs of the individual organization in question. Organizations, when presented with an opportunity to collaborate, share experiences, best practices and lessons learnt, can collectively come one step closer to contributing to reach UN Sustainable Development Goal #3: To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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2019 Speakers

Andrea Fletcher
Anna Downie
Frontline AIDS
Bakari Bakari
Jhpiego - Tanzania
Hillary McCall
Jiangli Di
Katherine Lew
BAO Systems
Lars Overland
University of Oslo
Liping Zhou
Martin De Wulf
Mary Rocheleau
Philip Lule
Chemonics International
Rachel Powers
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
Revocatus Mtesigwa
Abt Associates
Sam Garman
BAO Systems
Scott Dubin
Chemonics International
Steven Uggowitzer
Wessel Valkenburg
Terre des hommes
Xiaoping Pan

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The Global Digital Development Summit provides a forum for the leading voices from the development sector to share ideas and success stories. We’re always looking to collaborate with more organizations and industry leaders to create an engaging experience for our attendees.

Session Topics

Data integration

Integrating data from multiple sources to tell more compelling stories, but also drive better decision making and improve operational intelligence

Data Use

Leveraging data and development principles to work towards the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)


Understanding how data standards and proper systems architectures lead to more reliable, scalable, and sustainable solutions

Data analytics and informatics

How to get the right data at the right time in the right place for informed decision making

Emerging technologies

Practical uses of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning

Healthcare coverage

Universal health coverage benefits in low and middle-income countries


Explore the policy landscape across countries and donors to navigate the future landscape of digital development in global health

Cloud technologies

Explore the implications of hosting, machine learning/AI, data governance, and security in the cloud

Featured Sessions

DHIS2 Overview
University of Oslo
WISCENTD: Integrating Data to Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases
Technical University of Catalonia

View the full program with session details, speakers and times.

Leveraging OpenSRP to improve community health care service delivery, strengthen accountability, aid in decision-making, and generate real time data for M&E on RMNCH and Malaria in Lake and Western Zone in 2019-2020

Bakari Bakari
Jhpiego Tanzania

Using Data and the SDGs to Improve Impact

Jay Goulden

WISCENTD: Integrating Data to Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Petar Jovanovic
Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech

The impact of cloud technologies and GDPR on Digital ID

Nico Schonken

Capacity Building in Data analytics and Data Use: Leveraging digital platforms to move from knowledge to application.

Dr. Beatrice Kariuki
Palladium Group

A National Health Worker Registry For Universal Health Coverage

Jamiru Mpiima
MoH Uganda

Towards an integrated and innovative health management information system for improved decision making for maternal and child survival and development in China

Huang Xiaona
UNICEF - China

Leveraging geospatial data to support public health interventions

Martin De Wulf

Use of Mobile Technology in Maternal and Child Health Care – An Innovative Approach

Saleem Sayani
Aga Khan University

Health Information System Implementation in Unstable and Humanitarian Emergency Projects in MSF: Review of Use and Limitations

Evgenia Zelikova
MSF Paris

Changing the paradigm of decision making in the public health supply chain through information technology

Philip Lule
Chemonics International

AI-Empowered Community Health Care

Asif Akram
Living Goods

Rights! Evidence! Action! How Frontline AIDS is using DHIS2 to track its contribution to SDG3 to ensure no one gets left behind.

Anna Downie
AIDS Alliance

When real-time data is fighting hunger and malnutrition using non-intrusive technology

Lionel Baraban

The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating DHIS 2 and an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Bahmni for Better Patient Outcomes and Improved Program Decision Making

Amber Sheets

Using predictive analytics to prevent missed opportunities and achieve higher immunization coverage and timeliness

Subhash Chandir
IRD Global


Scott Russpatrick
University of Oslo

Applying the Principles of Digital Development: Examining the Importance of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration through the iDeliver Case Study

Mary Rocheleau
VecnaCares Charitable Trust

Data Do’s and Don’ts: 3 Lessons Learned from Data Use Assessments in Tanzania, Egypt, and the UK

Annie Kilroy
Development Gateway

WHO Integrated Data Platform

Lise Grout

Advancing Interoperability: The Importance of Sharing Data across Borders to Improve Public Health

John Stinn,
Dimitrios G. Koutsonanos, Christina Cadrecha
Deloitte Consulting

Best Practices for Promoting Data Use

Michelle Li
Palladium Group

Improving Visibility of Health Commodities at Public Health Facilities in Lagos State, Nigeria

Margaret Adedapo
Lagos MoH

Introduction to DHIS 2

Kristin Braa
University of Oslo

A Black Swan in a Black Box

9:00 am
Auditorium H8-01

AI-Empowered Community Health Care

Applying the Principles of Digital Development: Examining the Importance of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration through the iDeliver Case Study


Getting to GDDS

Campus Biotech

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